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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 25, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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[ male announcer ] from low prices to cutting-edge mobile tools, the perfect trip begins on orbitz. take vacation back. jump the fence went across chasing a deer. watch out for the mountain lions. the bay area campus wearing a whole family is moving in and the trail of evidence that left behind. strange behavior from the colorado shooting suspects the trouble he is allegedly causing behind bars. and 80s the bay area history that was headed for the chopping block how one man is making a small fortune from the hidden treasure he discovered that cal. one of the most unusual late-night rescues we have ever seen. the evening can
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best see as the night off. mellon sightings are pretty common in some parts of the day. but now a family of lyon's has moved in near the greek theatre on the cal campus. reporter kristin harris talk to one guy who got very close. security guard their young kris says it happened in the blank and the night. the der campers. and jumps the fense and it was too nice box. to equate that to myself all need now is mama is their right behind them and then to little fledgling cubs came behind to the big on-line. but something of a national geographic special setting kenya where he grew up hunting big cats. the leopards would call the village and with data get small adults about the ago. this is not east africa. the equates i was a little bit shocked system and a uc campus. the former
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young quest is security guard patrols and electrical switching station in cal berkeley overnights he thought that close encounter would be his last. but male cougar showed up one week later. the thing that makes me worry is what it right here. on any campus way cal bear like this one is likely the most dangerous and we'll see students are spirits. did waves i'm scared. i readily run away really fast. did waves medalist told me of that not supposed to run away as a plastic myself look larger than i actually am. nicholas says nothing knows what is hiding in these hills he will be patrolling for more than just human trespassers. i watch for them now because it's not want to be caught in a position that it has to defend itself to get away from me because it will defend itself. in berkeley cbs five. from outlines the bulls will take you to fall some near sacramento and somehow this rodeo bull wed themselves and to the well that
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is half full of water. rescue crews are trying to figure out just how to get a free reporter in a run for census report moments ago. and of some 80 restaurants have just arrived at here in folsom men this is what they're trying to save. a ballistic and said well we're told this is about 5 ft. deep for this bill is not a smaller of 1500 to 2,000 lbs. it is a rodeo bull and has been stuck in here for a couple of hours now and still do not quite know how to bring it to safety but those brown eyes can tell at all he does not want to be in there. the good news is that does not appear that he is hurt and crews are planning to debate the bowl with a tranquilizer and then apparently fireman will go into that well over out some stops underneath them and used a crane and to try to live to mount that is expected to take at least another hour. a top deputy the san francisco sheriff's department faces domestic violence charges police just released this mug shot of the of lieut. vincent calvary's
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who was arrested last thursday after an incident at the gold's gym in the castro. his charge of assault and false imprisonment this day he was a relationship with the victim. this comes as suspended share frost mercury me is still fighting to get his job back. following his own domestic violence case. they're expected to make a recommendation by august 16th. an off-duty san clara county probation officer has been shots. all southbound lanes were closed for about two hours. dear waves the shooting happened snare more laurel road about three hours ago. no word on the officers condition he was able to use the chp frequency to call for help the chp tells us they have to suspects in custody not clear what led to the shooting. right now all lanes are back open. thousands of dollars worth of gilroy
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garlic festival tickets have been stolen tonight is somehow turned up for sale online. but before anyone thinks they can pull a fast one reporter kiddo tells us a festival organizers say just tried. they're the hottest tickets in the bay area literally and thousand of them light purple just like these for the gilroy garlic festival. stolen from corporate headquarters are at the office of brian as know sign of forced entry. as the bus will make final preps for the weekend to the stolen tickets appeared for sale online this has been taken down the of these serial number is the range and workers will be actively looking for them but if caught those ticket holders would not face criminal charges. this is a sense that something that was stolen from some big business for some 1% groupers something they're stealing from people who really need the money. thus all proceeds go directly to more than 200 charities clubs and
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teams like the chaos ladies softball players so that these essentially stole from the people of gilroy. is taking money at the kids pockets. for everybody goes down to the kids fix everybody abides it's very sad on a trip down to the kids. it's unfortunate but it's the way the world right now it's truly unfortunate is still an active investigation of your police are working to identify suspects. those propeller tickets can only be bought on the site right here at this to get this cell if you bypass this goes with a purple tickets and will raise the red flag and if the serial number matches it will confiscate consider this your warning. in gilroy cbs five. berkeley city council had to postpone its lead tonight because the elevator was broken. old city hall is 103 years old is about to be seismically unsafe the americans with disabilities act requires that the meeting be accessible to people at disabilities the
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city clerk says this the first time he can remember something like this happening. new calls for investigation into restaurants accused of profiting from san francisco's health care program david combo's has asked the district attorney to investigate the allegations as consumer fraud. a grand jury investigation found a significant number of restaurants benefit financially from the city's universal health care program pocketing about $1 million in just one year. customers were told that the money was for restaurant workers health care costs. we don't necessarily have a problem with them charging extra but we believe that any charges to spend the money leaves the room to spend it. pan could cbs sf dot com. the details tonight about the denver examiner that says he is betting it officers in jail is become such a problem
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that one point to minimize face guard meanwhile learn something new to say about what happened inside the theater. two survivors say the gunman was shot and something of victims. did wait witnesses say the shooter said nothing as he repeatedly fired into the audience but from the hospital survivors who were shot in the neck and set the davis to capture friend from bleeding to death remember it differently. i see him up there and i'm hearing him yell at people and then you just hear the rounds going off. off-camera davis told reporters later he would shout what are you doing? and i said stand up and he would pick people out i saw him stand over someone's i just see hair and tim holden the shirts and bloom. it's sad for me to know their people out there that just go through so much in their life where they there is a massacre
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for lack of a better word. what will the senator investigators included the lead prosecutors tower helms apartment today. investigators were also coming into the theater crime scene. one major clue to what transactions could be his academic failure of the university of colorado's denver medical campus where he is part of an elite program and neuroscience. he had just one part of its first your examination and had begun the process of withdrawing. the university campus remains in a heightened state of alert the barricades around some of the campus research buildings where he may have studied. the vessels are being tight-lipped about the time he spent here including the fact that some of the ammunition he bought online we have been delivered to him at the university. the public defenders get their turn at the crime scene later this week it will bring their own forensic experts to begin the process of trying to poke holes in the prosecution's
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case. cbs news or or colorado. there is a new sign of hope and my tonight unrest came medley and the wife of shooting victim kayla medley gave birth to the couple's first child this morning his name is hugo jackson met late. cannibalize one floor up a medically induced, however she has already met his son. keep lips hugo in caleb's arms and said she was holding his hands when the baby was flying with him and kitty was talking to him about the baby. in his blood pressure and his heart rate went up. friends say he is full life just like his dad. on another note christian bale visited some of the victims who are recovering in hospital at aurora. he also and the medical staff. the city says it's art but some residents say it's just
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plain creepy. the bay area statue that is turning heads for all wrong reasons. to equate it boosted vitamins with every puff? the new cigarette's that claimed to be healthy. there's no reason east tables want outlasts all less and all of our kids. it's not just with him. is a gold mine how one man ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people along with the mainstream, krieger doing a double take. take a look for yourself is this art? or a $60,000 stake? whatever it is and has people talking. it doesn't seem very one that great. maybe san francisco. to equate the trend started to think it's creepy. she's talking about their new fountainhead on main street and is creating a flood of reaction. typically its its unexpected. typically is like not creepy just strange. would you like or not it's the fountainhead was designed by san francisco artist public and private funds paid for his visual centerpiece approved by the arts commission. the price tag is about $45,000. so we've been here for hours during the story in and officially tell you
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that his eyes do not open. he does not talk but people in towner certainly talking about him. it's fantastic. it's so interesting is very different. it's right across the street from where we all dance or just across looking at his head. it doesn't fit with the old towns have a field. its coarse salt water in any comes down and goes in there. thats pretty cool. what is it? it's inspirational. it's a drowning baby. freaky. purists will say exactly what it is. and the art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. at that was the baby's head. that's what we came and sat over here. and one thing is for sure it's become a destination spot. if the eyes were open will be we more creepy. i think this opens. and one that creek to leave paris cbs five. smoking your way to help
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your life? it sounds almost laughable. but that is what the makers of alternative cigarette say smokers can do with their latest products. dr. cameron why experts are skeptical ice. did it vitamins and cigarettes don't mix. cigarette by name suggests that bad loans is the is dependency. shock of the idea of a so- called healthy cigarette filled with vitamins. did we is its latest promise from electronics cigarette makers. they say their cigarettes of ripest of vitamins with every path. the makers of e cigarettes have always claimed to be a better alternative to regular cigarettes because they have no tar and less nicotine. now they're promising additional health benefits by fortifying the products of vitamins a abc indeed. was faxed looking at the mall. this 20 year smoker has considered using them to help
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with smoking but is skeptical that a cigarette the electronic and not can be healthy. is it my vitamins in the morning and wonder if you'd get the same value. their unregulated. and to not have evidence that the work well. the vinyls are so low 1 call enologist questions and health aspects and once people not to forget that there's still cigarettes after all. dick reeves this form of nicotine delivery device might actually increase the craving for the nicotine itself. and there is concern that this type of marketing me lean lead to most more smoking in teenagers. kids will think it's cool so i his is the same. dirichlet's dr. kim csi 5. is the cal bears football team expects a practicing on this new turf and weeks. almost everything about the size acoustics the stadium is a reporter elizabeth cook shows us save the old icon bleachers
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was almost a lost cause. chickweeds for eric gelman new newer isn't always better. the use of the bleachers from 1923. his the honor of the wooden duck. berkeley company that specializes in custom furniture made with recycled lead. actually we cannot stores for 90 years. usually buys what from old buildings have been torn down and resurrects in the form of tables chairs and bookcases. a recently he stumbled upon defines that is considered a gold mine in the world of reclaimed the lead. the original seats from cal's memorial stadium. it's a big deal for us because we've been in berkeley for 18 years. and where berkeley based company. and this for us to get some berkeley stadium is a very big deal. a big deal and an even
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bigger hall. eric and it up acquiring about 90 percent of the seats. if the lead house board to board it would be over a marathon. of wood. he's selling to mostly berkeley grass of local restaurants mostly for the stalls of but for joshua patrick asserting in food technology company it was inspiration. degrees old school traditional may stimulated the part of our philosophy sell we weren't looking for ways of decorating and building up our facility that kind of matches that soon we got lucky. he has only been in this place in san francisco for about eight weeks and as you can see he's still moving in. but before he even put is floors sound he made sure he had is khaled tables. one giant conference table one long coffee bar for a place to assess. and is on a coffee bar for a kitchen area and also tables for the library because
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we food lab. he also acquired most of the original keys after was torn down. bought furniture was gone in six months even though calcium as three times the size he anticipates countless orders for the pieces that can easily last another 90 years. there is no reason these tables wants out last all of us and all of our kids and all of our grandkids. in berkeley the list of cook cbs five. those pictures were made from two types of olds cedars dating back to the 1920's. it was close then yesterday but certainly not,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the. a
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buddy today we have a high from 67 degrees and san francisco to a degrees and livermore nuclear never had forecast beginning with pacific up. in the mid '50s other was across the day mountain view also of the parasite ends. the temperature
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in livermore is a couple agrees: yesterday but they average for this time of the air. however to the north santa rosa 10 degrees below normal and san as they get 7 degrees below average. meanwhile we do have the influx pushing back on shore and and clear skies tomorrow that end up with cooler temperatures this is our future cuss. once the clouds saturate the day march in the negev 45 to 50 mi. and back however damages don't live in tropical low pressure to the north of the day that car and that this will begin to the northern half of the stay there for our temperatures are going down. tonight 50 to 56 degrees but much the temperatures and tomorrow with the gradual cooling northwest breeze to 20 adding a little bitter chill to the air along the coast a degrees in santa clara which is against six degrees below normal 83 for an outside #in brentwood
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tracy and discovery bay. 70 degrees and that the '60s in the central they depicted in the extended forecast again closed is of the workweek thursday and friday and warmer weather just- in-time for the weekend to,,,, ,,,,
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win for the giants won problem
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problems and of all had walked off to its not impressed by the giant red hot second-half smart facing san diego the first- inning problems is a double into the bigger marist americas 9 but the problem had to leave the game after straining his left hamstring while doing his place. he's going to be out at least several days. added to the bottom of the ninth brandon crawford to the plate. giants are 9 in susan's the all-star break the lead the west now by two and a half games the a's are looking for their sixth straight win in toronto today they, and derrick morris despites second dec power cable 22 to nothing lead. unionists had three strikeouts but made up forest with a three ones and all his up 13 runs batted in over his last 11 games and black lace said he didn't have any rhythm today. oh
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really? he struck out a career high eight batters and had his third straight win and the a's win 72. the saints came marching into practice today and true breezes fresh off signing in new hundred million dollar contract extension and what they do when he heard the deal was done? the minute i got off the phone i changed his the be diapered then i went downstairs and 60 the lid of whites in the washer and then went upstairs and put a lunch away in a refrigerator. adrian pops the question right after winning his fight. it just wasn't the question has girlfriend was coming. the uncanny brush my hair? very mean. how many seconds hesitate to change for
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tires to get gatt a change for tires and get gas. 2.4 seconds. bad news for yankee fans alex rodriguez broke his left hand is on the 15 day disabled list. and you can run on josh critics arm. with his rifle from red fields in his 10th outfield this year. number one carla's clinton and age of the bond has a spectacular catch getting a double critical play in the [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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